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Zero Waste Hero

Hey there! We’re Zero Waste Hero: a Canadian one-stop-shop of market leading eco brands, dedicated to helping you easily make high quality sustainable choices for your everyday home and beauty needs.



Zero Waste Hero is a women-operated and owned Canadian online store dedicated to providing you with sustainable alternatives of the products for your everyday use. 



At Zero Waste Hero, we almost exclusively carry products from small local businesses in North America that manufacture their products in small batches and with sustainability in mind. We also have elegant gift boxes filled with only the best artisan and gourmet goods; they exude sustainable luxury and leave a lasting impression.

It is essential to us that before selecting a product, we look closely at its ingredients, packaging and how they are shipped to us. We also try to only source products from brands that use sustainable labour practices. 



At Zero Waste Hero, we take sustainability very seriously and have done all the pre-vetting for you. 

You can have peace of mind by knowing that all our curated products are either compostable, reusable or recyclable.

In addition, we promise you always to aim to exclusively source the products with either NONE or MINIMAL packaging and plastic to encourage small lifestyle changes that:

  • Contribute to the elimination of single-use plastics.
  •  Are promoting a Zero Waste or Sustainable Lifestyle.

Finally, at Zero Waste Hero, we are committed to shipping our products and gift boxes to you 100% plastic free. 



When we first started to explore more about the zero waste and plastic-free lifestyle, we encountered two main challenges. The first one was that we could not find many affordable and exciting products that we were looking for online from Canadian retailers. In addition, we also found it hard to navigate the confusing jargon. For example, differentiating and understanding when terms like biodegradable, compostable, eco-friendly, and zero waste are used correctly to describe products and not for greenwashing purposes made our search more challenging.

Not to mention that many of the ‘eco-friendly’ products were too expensive and shipped in plastic packaging.

All this confusion prompted us to create a place where we would do all the homework and vetting for our customers. That’s when we decided to start Zero Waste Hero, a one-stop shop of high-quality, locally sourced products by eco-brands, dedicated to offering you sustainable choices for your everyday needs. 

We have also recently added sustainable gift baskets for every occasion to our menu. We are very proud that these elegant gift boxes have been carefully curated using exclusively locally sourced products from small Canadian companies. 




Yasamin is an Architectural Designer with an Architectural Science and Management background, multifaceted experience in sustainable design and construction, and a passion for design.



Ivana is a clinical diagnostics sales professional turned creative entrepreneur with a passion for nature and an interest in providing sustainable solutions.

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