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CoffeeSock Drip #2 Cone Filter-2 Pack

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CoffeeSock Drip #2 Cone Filter is a reusable alternative to paper filters for the #2 Cone Dripper. This reusable coffee filter is a great zero waste product because it prevents unnecessary waste produced by many paper filters and the release of chemicals, such as chlorine, into the environment.

Each pack of 2 replaces 500 paper coffee filters.

The CoffeeSock Drip #2 Cone Filter and all the other CoffeeSock filters are known for their high quality/ They have higher performance when compared to any disposable and reusable filters. We love that this eco-friendly coffee filter is made from Certified Organic Cotton, which contributes to the absorption of some of the oils from coffee beans and makes for a cup of coffee with more body but without sacrificing the complexity.

All the environmentally coffee lovers will be happy to know that the organic cotton, unlike paper, from the CoffeeSock Drip #2 Cone Filter does not impart any flavour on the coffee.

Each CoffeeSock Drip #2 Cone Filter pack lasts approximately a year.

Product Specifications

  • Size: 6.5 in x 4.25 in
Loved Because…
  • Made from sustainably sourced Certified Organic Cotton
  • Ethically made in Texas, the USA, by workers who are paid fair wages
  • 100% vegan and compostable
  • Free of toxic chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides, fertilizers
  • Outperforms comparably reusable and disposable filters
  • High quality and a more affordable option
  • Easy clean up- Empty coffee grounds, rinse and hang to dry
  • Very durable as each pack lasts about one year and replaces 500 coffee filters



The CoffeeSock Drip #2 Cone Filters are made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton.  


The CoffeeSock Drip #2 Cone Filters comes in recyclable paper packaging.


The CoffeeSock Drip #2 Cone Filters are entirely biodegradable and compostable. We recommend cutting the filter into 1-inch pieces will speed up the composting process. The paper packaging is 100% recyclable. 

About the Brand

The CoffeeSock is a very reputable brand that has earned a very large fanbase due to the high-quality materials and easiness of use of their products.

This famous brand was established in late 2011, and they started with the organic cotton fibre filter for Chemex, which was inspired by an old travelling Costa Rican Chorreador ('coffee sock'). Because of such high performance of their first product, they have since developed a range of filters for all the popular coffee brewing methods, including Chemex, cold brew coffee and drip coffee makers and they have been changing the world ONE SOCK AT A TIME.

We love that all their products are made from Certified Organic Cotton in Austin, Texas, by people who are paid a fair wage for their work. CoffeSock strives to get as much of their cotton from the USA; however, they also use sustainably sourced cotton from India and Pakistan. 

Zero Waste Hero is a proud partner of such a famous and eco-conscious brand.


How to Use

The CoffeeSock Drip #2 Cone Filters are intended to be used with the # 2 Cone Dripper (not included).


Care Instructions

The CoffeeSock Drip #2 Cone Filters should be thoroughly rinsed every time after brewing, after discarding the coffee grounds in the compost. After the rinse, the filter should be hung to dry.

Every 4-6 weeks, the CoffeeSock Drip #2 Cone Filters should be boiled in freshwater to get rid of the coffee oils that have accumulated over time.

The filters should also be boiled for at least 5 minutes to sanitize every time they are soiled with perishable food. 

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