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Kattinatt Artisan Swedish Dishcloth

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The Kattinatt Artisan Swedish Dishcloth will help you ditch paper towels and all the waste associated with them.  Each one of these super absorbent cellulose dishcloths can replace up to 17 rolls of paper towels.

We love the beautiful design of the  Kattinatt Artisan Swedish Dishcloths. In addition, we love that no harmful substances to human health are found in them, guaranteed by their OEKO-TEX® certification. Furthermore, these compostable dishcloths are made from 100% natural materials (70% cellulose and 30% recycled cotton) and also all the dyes used are natural and water-based.

The Swedes have been using these reusable dishcloths for over 60 years as they clean all the surfaces well, and they do not leave any streaks on granite or wood surfaces. In addition, they dry fast, which prevents the odour-causing bacteria build-up.

Go ahead and throw away all your rags, sponges and paper towels, as you will be able to replace them all with one of these Kattinatt Artisan Swedish Dishcloths.  

Product Specifications

  • Size: 17 cm x 19 cm when dry

                    18 cm x 20 cm when wet

Loved Because…
  • Highly absorbent, absorb 20x their weight
  • Long-lasting without the fading of its colours
  • Eco-friendly and reusable
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Made from 100% natural vegan ingredients and dyes
  • Quick-drying- prevents bacteria from spreading
  • Easy maintenance, machine washable and for disinfection can be boiled
  • Multi practical: can be used in the kitchen, floors, washroom, to clean shoes or even for baby baths
  • Made in Sweden by abiding to strict labour laws that ensure fair labour practices
  • Does not contain any dangerous chemicals or dyes - OEKO-TEX® certified

The Kattinatt Artisan Swedish Dishcloths are made from 70% cellulose fibers and 30% recycled cotton.  


The Kattinatt Artisan Swedish Dishcloths are package-free.


The Kattinatt Artisan Swedish Dishcloths are 100% biodegradable and can safely be disposed of in the compost bin.

About the Brand

Kattinatt is a Swedish family-owned company that makes these beautiful dishcloths. The first design they had was of a cat, and now they have over 300 different prints and colours with their products sold internationally. All the dishcloths are made in Sweden, and they abide by the strict European Union Fair Trade and Labour Law that ensures fair and safe working conditions for the workers who made this product.

All the designs are original and printed locally at the Mölnlycke Business Park, which also serves as their warehouse.

Kattinatt is an eco-conscious company and they only use raw materials that are renewable and 100% vegetable dyes for their colours and different patterns. In addition, they are  OEKO-TEX® certified, the world's most recognized textile certification that ensures that the companies' materials abide by the highest safety standards and do not contain any harmful substances for human health.

In Canada, these beautiful Swedish dishcloths are distributed by Swedethings, a family-owned distributor of high-quality Swedish products for the Canadian market.

We at Zero Waste Hero are proud to work with two such great companies to bring this reusable dishcloth to our customers.


Care Instructions

The Kattinatt Artisan Swedish Dishcloths are easy to maintain. Throw them in the machine on any cycle and lay flat or hang to dry. To sanitize this compostable dishcloth, they can be boiled or placed in the microwave to eliminate the bacteria.


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Judith Henderson
Artisan Swedish Dishcloths

Lovely patterns
Makes good hostess gifts

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