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Loofah Kitchen Sponge –Set of 3

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The Loofah Kitchen Sponge is the perfect simple, sustainable, and effective product that will keep the heart of your home sparkling clean, while making sure to minimize environmental impact. This zero waste kitchen sponge is only made of two natural components: 100% loofah body and 100% cotton threads.

The kitchen cleaning tools are often synthetic, with a short lifespan and a negative impact on the planet because they take forever to decompose, and they contain the toxic chemicals that can damage aquatic ecosystems and the soil.

The Loofah Kitchen Sponge, on the other hand, is 100% plant based making it fully compostable and safe for any surface. We are especially excited by the use of loofah in this product, as, while this fast-growing plant started as native to Asia, it’s cultivated across the world these days, making it one of the best sustainable alternatives out there when it comes to cleaning products.

* Each set includes 3 Loofah Kitchen Sponges

Product Specifications

Size: 4.33 in x 2.76 in

Loved Because…
  • More durable than traditional synthetic sponges
  • Plastic free
  • Vegan
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Great for cleaning countertops, cookware, tableware, tables, etc
  • Does not contain any harmful dyes or toxic chemicals.
  • Safer to clean dishes because 100% plant-based
  • Recyclable packaging

The Loofah Kitchen Sponge is made from loofah and cotton.


The Loofah Kitchen Sponge is packaged in a thin cardboard strap!


The Loofah Kitchen Sponge is completely compostable!

About the Brand

Zefiro was created to solve a problem we all face: in today's world, it can be really hard to go natural and zero waste a lot of the time. We want to be conscious consumers, but most brands end up treating sustainability and health as an afterthought rather than a core value, making it unbelievably inconvenient to make the transition. This is where Zefiro comes in.

Zefiro's mission is a simple one – help everyone reduce their footprint by offering high-quality, reusable, minimally packaged products that are safe for both us and the planet. When we came across Zefiro for the first time, we fell in love with the brand's set. Their products are affordable, super easy to integrate into daily life, and free of unnecessary or harsh chemicals. Not to mention, Zefiro is a member of 1% for the Planet and donates 1% of their annual sale towards environmental causes, making each purchase that much more impactful.

Zefiro currently holds the title of Chicago's first-ever zero waste store, but the founder's initial inspiration came about when she saw this retail concept for the first time in Vancouver, Canada. Today, at Zero Waste Hero, we are proud to act as another Canadian stepping stone for the brand and welcome them to our lineup!


How to Use

Before using the Loofah Kitchen Sponge for the first time, place it in water and allow it to expand through absorption. Always hang to dry after using.


Care Instructions

The Loofah Kitchen Sponge is top-rack dishwasher safe!

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