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NakedSwab Bamboo Reusable Swabs - 4Pack

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The NakedSwab Bamboo Reusable Swabs are a great investment and will save you money and space. These eco-friendly swabs come in a beautiful compact wooden travel case with 4 swabs that will replace over 2000 single-use cotton swabs. The tips of the NakedSwab Bamboo Reusable Swabs are made from medical grade silicone which is made from silica found in sand and is almost infinitely recyclable.

In addition, unlike the other reusable swabs on the market, which have plastic handles,  the handles of these reusable Q-Tips by NakedSwab are 100% bamboo. We love bamboo because it is one of the most eco-friendly materials that grow very quickly without the need for any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

The use of NakedSwab Bamboo Reusable Swabs will get closer to a  zero waste bathroom as they allow you to touch up your makeup and clean the outer ear, all while being reusable and without causing any harm to our environment.

*IMPORTANT: The NakedSwab Bamboo Reusable Swabs ARE NOT INTENDED to enter the ear canal.  Please be aware that entering the ear canal can cause injury. 

Product Specifications

  • Size: 4 pack: 2 texture tip swabs + 2 rounded/pointed tip swabs
Loved Because…
  • 1 NakedSwab= over 2000 single-use cotton swabs
  • Comes a beautiful compact bamboo travel case
  • Compostable 100% bamboo handle
  • Eco-friendly, reusable and better for the planet
  • Easy to clean: only a quick rinse with water and soap needed
  • Requires much fewer resources: only 0.3 litres of water used to wash one NakedSwab vs 3.6 litres of water used to produce and treat a SINGLE cotton swab

The NakedSwab Bamboo Reusable Swabs handles are made from 100% bamboo, and their tips from medical grade silicone. 


The NakedSwab Bamboo Reusable Swabs come in a beautiful wooden travel case.


Although these reusable swabs should last you over 2000 uses when their end of life comes. The bamboo handles from the NakedSwab Bamboo Reusable Swabs, and the wooden travel case they come in can be composted, while the medical-grade silicone tips are 100% recyclable

About the Brand

NakedSwab is a remarkable fellow Canadian company based out of the GTA, Ontario, with a mission to help get rid of our planet of the waste created by single-use items by providing practical reusable alternatives that can also save you money.

We love that they are combatting the environmental problem caused by cotton swabs. Because people don’t know that they can be compostable, they often throw them in the garbage, and they either end up occupying the already overflowing landfills or end up in our sea waters and on land.

Aside from the negative environmental impact that these single-use cotton swabs create at the end of their lives, many resources go into their production. A single cotton swab requires 3.6 litres of water for its production and treatment. When this is multiplied by 1.5 billion cotton swabs (produced every hour of every day globally), we get the idea of the immense amount of resources being wasted on such a disposable product.

We love that NakedSwab has built a product that lasts. Each NakedSwab reusable swab can replace over 2000 cotton swabs. In addition, we also love that they are a charitable company that gives back to the environmental non-profit organizations through their 1% for the Planet Pledge and we at Zero Waste are their proud partner.



How To Use

For makeup touchups:  It is recommended to use the rounded/pointed tip of the NakedSwab Bamboo Reusable Swab and dip them in the makeup remover before trying to fix the makeup accident.

To Clean the Ears: It is recommended to use the textured tip of the NakedSwab Bamboo Reusable Swab and gently rub ONLY against the outer surface of the ear shell.

*Similarly to the traditional cotton swabs, these NakedSwab reusable ones are not intended to enter the ear canal as they can cause injury.

Care Instructions

The NakedSwab Bamboo Reusable Swabare very easy to clean; all you need to do is rinse with water and soap after every use.

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