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Coconut Fiber Scour Pads - Set of 2

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The Coconut Fiber Scour Pad is a great sustainable alternative to traditional synthetic cleaning tools that uses the natural antimicrobial properties of coconut husks to keep both our home surfaces and planet clean.

Did you know, other than having a terrible environmental impact, synthetic sponges and polyester scrubbers are some of the biggest sources of bacteria in the home? They often have more bacteria per square inch than the toilet bowl (yuck)! The Coconut Fiber Scour Pad, on the other hand, makes it harder for these germs to grow and will last you longer without developing mold or odor.

So next time the home needs a shine, feel assured that this scour pad will give you a better clean while being free of harmful chemicals and completely biodegradable when the time comes.

* The Coconut Fiber Scour Pad is safe for all surfaces, however, it may leave small scratches on some low-quality plastics

Product Specifications

  • 3.74 in. in diameter
Loved Because…
  • Great for easily cleaning a variety of home surfaces
  • Antimicrobial properties from the coconut husk bristles makes it hard for mold and odours to develop
  • More durable than traditional synthetic sponges and polyester scrubbers
  • Made from sustainable and natural materials
  • Biodegradable
  • Free of plastics and harsh chemicals  

The Coconut Fiber Scour Pad bristles are made from sustainably farmed coconut husks, while the stem is made from steel.


The Coconut Fiber Scour Pad comes in recyclable thin carton cardboard.


Using pliers, pull out the coconut bristles. Coconut bristles can be composted, while the thin carton cardboard packaging and steel stem can be recycled.

About the Brand

EcoCoconut is a company out of Hong Kong that aims to harness the power of the coconut to speed up the plastic free revolution and become a household name for sustainable and ethically sourced home products. This brand currently provides an alternative to traditional synthetic cleaning tools in the form of natural coconut-based items, therefore empowering everyone around the globe to make better environmentally conscious choices.

All of EcoCoconut's products are sustainably made in Sri Lanka from organic and recycled materials under fair wage and labor conditions. Additionally, this brand's supplier has vast eco-manufacturing experience and was awarded as the best Corporate Citizen for five consecutive years by the Corporate Sustainability Awards in Sri Lanka.

Zero Waste Hero is proud to carry EcoCoconut products and we applaud the brand's global aspirations for reducing waste and enabling consumers with plastic-free alternatives.


Alternative Uses
Cleaning hard fruits or root vegetables such such as nectarines, apples, potatoes, etc.

Care Instructions
Wash bristles with soap and water to remove any dirt particles. Leave to dry.

When to Replace
When the bristles change color or begins to develop an odor.

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