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Palo Santo Incense - 5 Stick Bundle

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The Palo Santo Incense is an amazing sustainable choice for freshening up a room, whether you’re looking to create a perfect meditation space or just sit down with a great book. Sourced from the Ecuadorian Palo Santo, this incense is revered by the locals for being a holy wood with purifying, cleansing, and healing properties and will bring you a little closer to a unique South American culture.

The Palo Santo Incense is sourced from fallen branches, minimizing the impact on the natural habitat. This wood is also the perfect natural alternative for warding off mosquitos, so it might be helpful to additionally keep a bundle on hand to fight off the little critters while giving the campfire a bit more magic at your next big outdoors trip!

Product Specifications

Each bundle comes with 5 sticks

Loved Because…
  • Leaves an amazing, yet subtle and natural scent
  • Only sourced from fallen branches to reduce habitat impact
  • Naturally repels mosquitos
  • Locally made in Vancouver, Canada, with Ecuadorian Palo Santo branches
  • Free of any other harsh chemicals
  • Packaged in compostable string and paper cardboard label

The Palo Santi Incense sticks are 100% made from Ecuadorian Palo Santo tree branches.


The Palo Santo Incense comes in a bundle of 5 sticks attached by a natural material string and a paper cardboard label.


The Palo Santo Incense sticks as well as its string and paper cardboard packaging can be composted.

About the Brand

Woodlot is a Canadian line of premium, natural home and body essentials based out of Vancouver, Canada. When it comes to Woodlot, it’s all about the ingredients. This brand has made its signature around using the finest natural, plant-based ingredients to create unique products from nourishing soaps to soothing candles.

Woodlot was founded by a power couple, Sonia and Fouad, in 2014, after they fell in love with the idea of homemade, handcrafted essentials – to them, it was all about hunkering down, developing new recipes, and creating something amazing from scratch from the simple ingredients around you. After getting really good at it though, Sonia and Fouad decided to share their once humble hobby with the rest of the world, giving birth to Woodlot.

Today, Woodlot has grown to become one of the best natural personal care essentials brands out there and one of our favourite partners at Zero Waste Hero. All their products aim to inspire the conscious beauty rituals of future generations and further intentional, inclusive, and natural wellness, making us excited to see what’s next with this brand.


How to Use

Burn the end of each Palo Santi Incense stick and spread it throughout the air to cleanse and freshen up the room.

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