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Marley's Monsters

Portable Utensil Set

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The Portable Utensil Set is the perfect zero waste addition to a busy lifestyle that can help avoid single use plastics the next time you step out of the house, whether it's to a picnic or the office.

This simple and elegant on-the-go set comes with sustainable alternatives for everything you need to enjoy a perfect meal, from high-quality wooden cutlery to sustainably minded straws and napkins. However, the machine washable pouch itself is also spacious and very accommodating, so feel free to store some other home cutlery as well!

The Portable Utensil Set includes:

  • 1 utensil pouch (10 in x 12 in)
  • 4 piece bamboo cutlery (fork, spoon, knife, and chopsticks)
  • 2 bamboo straws
  • 1 straight stainless steel straw
  • 1 linen napkin
  • 1 straw cleaner

The pouch is designed with:

  • Front Pockets: multiple 3 in x 1.5 in and 4 in x 1 in slots to fit all the on-the-go essentials (each slot can usually hold up to 2 utensils)
  • Middle Pockets: one 10 in wide slot to fit napkins, or even better, the UNpaper® Towels
  • Inside Pockets: one 10 in wide built-in wet bag with waterproof PUL lining to hold and separate out dirty cutlery or napkins after use

* For an option without utensils, check out the Portable Utensil Pouch

Loved Because...
  • Comes with everything needed for a perfect meal
  • High-quality wooden utensils
  • Built in wet bag to store dirty cutlery or napkins
  • Easy to clean
  • Light and easy to transport
  • Sustainably sourced and ethically produced
  • Handmade in small batches in USA
  • Package free
  • Utensil Pouch Inside (PUL lining): 83% polyester and 13% polyurethane
  • Utensil Pouch Outside: 55% linen and 45% cotton
  • Utensils: 100% bamboo
  • Straws: 100% bamboo (2 straws) and 100% stainless steel (1 straw)
  • Napkin: 55% linen and 45% cotton
  • Straw Cleaner: stainless steel with plastic bristles

The Portable Utensil Set is package free!


We expect the Portable Utensil Set to last you a lifetime with proper care. However, the pouch outside, utensils, bamboo straws, and napkin can be composted, while the pouch inside (PUL lining), stainless steel straw, and straw cleaner can be recycled.

    About the Brand

    Marley’s Monsters, established in 2013, is a family owned and female-founded business out of Eugene, Oregon. We love this brand at Zero Waste Hero for its diverse lineup of environmentally conscious products that can help kick-start your zero waste journey across different aspects of daily life.

    Marley's Monsters was born when the owner wanted to make a really special gift for her baby daughter, Marley. The end result was a cute stuffed "Monster" toy, made from nothing but simple scrap material around the house. After that, the founder just kept going. She continued crafting more and more great reusable home products for all stages of Marley’s development that also ended up being loved by others in the community, leading to the brand's current lineup.

    Today, it's easy to see Marley's Monsters' commitment to sustainability through their environmentally conscious products that champion reusability, while coming in plastic free, recyclable, or compostable packaging. This, along with the business' BRING Rethink Sustainability certification, makes us proud to partner with the brand.


    Care Instructions

    • Pouch: flip inside out and machine wash on a cold setting. Tumble dry on a low setting. Do not bleach. 
    • Napkin: machine wash on a cold setting with like colors. Machine dryable, but air drying will help better preserve the fabric.
    • Other Components: hand wash with hot soapy water. Do not soak or use the dishwasher.

    Alternatives Uses
    The pouch can also be used to store and transport makeup brushes, art supplies, and your own home utensils.

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