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4 Reasons to Send Sustainable Gifts to Clients and Employees

Around the holidays, it's customary to show appreciation for clients with a gift to build relationships and solidify partnerships. A lot of businesses also give appreciation packages to their employees. The old adage "it's the thought that counts" holds true regarding gift-giving . Sending clients a gift basket filled with their favorite things shows that you are thinking about them and appreciate their business. Same holds true for colleagues and employees. But what if you want to take your appreciation to the next level by sending sustainable gifts? Sending a sustainable gift shows that you took the time to carefully select a beautiful gift perfect for the occasion while also considering its environmental impact. If you can support a local business in the process, even better.

Because sustainability is not a term that is very regulated, however for your gift to qualify as sustainable, it should fall in at least one of the following categories:

  • Eco-friendly gifts made from recycled materials and those with a low impact on the environment
  • Gifts made from locally sourced materials, including using organic ingredients
  • Products that are not single-use and that do not contain plastic for example zero waste alternatives
  • Products that  have been certified sustainable for reaching one of the sustainable industry standards ( ex, harmful die-free, bleach-free, etc.)

It is important to send sustainable corporate gifts to clients and employees for many reasons. Here are our top 4

 Making a world a better place with sustainable gifts

  1. You're helping to make the world a better place. By sending a sustainable gift, you're helping to reduce the amount of waste produced each year. This is important because waste contributes significantly to climate change and global warming.

 Stand out with a unique sustainable gift

  1. Sustainable gifts are unique and different from anything else your clients or employees will receive. Most people receive traditional gifts such as flowers, chocolates, or wine when they do business with someone new. Stand out from the competition by sending something different- a sustainable gift that is sure to impress your clients.

 Boost your brand image with a sustainable gift

  1. Sending a sustainable gift is an easy way to boost your brand image and your green credentials. When it comes to sustainability, small actions can make a big difference. Sending a sustainable gift is one simple way to show that you care about the environment and are committed to doing your part to protect it

 Sustainable gifts as a long term investment

  1. Sustainable gifts are an excellent long-term investment. Although superior-quality sustainable gifts tend to be a little more expensive than their low-quality traditional counterparts, it does pay off in the long term. Not only will it improve the company's brand perception and customer loyalty, but the company might qualify for government funding through green and environmental initiatives. 

When you send a sustainable corporate gift to either a client, colleague or an employee,  you show that you care about them and are also caring for the environment. It can be easy to forget that our actions impact the planet, but by sending a sustainable gift, you are making a statement that you care about the future of our planet.  If you are looking for a beautiful and luxurious gift for your clients, employees or team members that covers all the sustainability categories mentioned above, look no further than our Corporate Gift Baskets, which offer a wide array of different ready-to-ship gift baskets that are perfect for all businesses of all sizes and industries. 

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